We scavenge parts from bikes that are not reasonably repairable, especially if their style is ill-suited for our target market. We have collected parts like wheels, seats, brake parts, shifters, reflectors, kickstands, etc. to use as replacements when needed. We sometimes  receive used tires and some miscellaneous parts donated by bike shops

We still need to purchase cables, handlebar grips, touchup paint, inner tubes, cleaning and lube supplies, and frequently tires.

We try to add baskets and/or luggage racks and supply lights and locks for bikes we know are to be used to ride to work and/or shopping.

We are on the lookout for clients, typically teens, to serve as "maintenance associates" to help others in their apartment complex, where frequently several refugee families are co-located. We'll train them in patching tires, making various adjustments to shifters & brakes, etc. and equip them with some bike-specific tools (see Wish List).

If you care to assist it will be much appreciated. All donated funds go to purchase the above-described items. The "Donate" button below will process PayPal or major charge card donations.

If you prefer to make in-kind donations, we have an Amazon "gift list" here that shows examples of some of the above items. If you use it, select "sort by priority" to find  items we need most frequently.
Note: We are not yet a 501(c)(3) charity.
Here are a few illustrations of equipment we purchase when we can:


Amazon Wish List
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